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"To whom it may concern:

I first met Dwayne as the lead carpenter for an addition to our home. The addition involved some foundation work, layout of beams and the finishing of the inside and exterior. The quality of the product was outstanding with attention to details being of the highest degree. It is always reassuring to see the calculations for material that produces no waste, right the first time cut, and with time, no joints that come apart or beams that separate from the supports.
Dwayne is determined to get the project right and work is well planned in advance with cost and materials well documented and without the need to re order or added expense for materials not used. Dwayne comes to the job ready to work and puts in a full day of effort and takes pride in the finished product. He is extremely reliable and a skilled carpenter with finishing a speciality of his and the photos show his attention to detail.
I would definitely contract Dwayne for any of your carpentry projects and know you will be very happy with the final product."

Gary and Sandie Hales
Sproat Lake


"Dwayne has done numerous updates on our home. His attention to every detail and meticulous workmanship was outstanding. He is honest, fair, reliable and we would highly recommend him. We look forward to working with Dwayne again on upcoming projects"

-Kim & Kevin Shrimpton,

Errington, BC.

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